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Introducing the My Dress-up Darling merchandise collection! Featuring cozy hoodies and sweatshirts, stylish t-shirts, snuggly dakimakuras, and comfy beddings, this line has something for every fan. Whether you’re curling up with your favorite character or showing off your love for the series, these items are sure to please. Shop now and add a touch of My Dress-up Darling to your wardrobe and home decor!

About This Series

My Dress-up Darling is a manga series that follows the unlikely friendship between shy high school student Wakana and outgoing and eccentric Marin, who has a secret hobby of creating elaborate cosplay outfits. As they work together to create new costumes and attend various cosplay events, their relationship deepens and they encounter a diverse cast of characters. Along the way, the series explores themes of self-acceptance, friendship, and the challenges of growing up. Read more...